Welcome to Sanswee

‘SANSWEE IAS Study Group’ is a fertile ground for budding bureaucrats. It is located in Chandigarh.
The word Sanswee stands for the success ‘Sutra’:-

We have guided many candidates to their goals in recent past. The experiences of these success-stories have inspired us to launch a well-organized platform “SANSWEE” so that more & more candidates can be helped in materializing their “dream-IAS”.

We believe that most of the candidates have potential to become an IAS officer. But they miss the golden gate of their career to due to lack of proper guidance & environment. We bridge the gap between such youths & their dreams. Our right guidance channelizes their energies in right direction at right time. Our meticulously designed program & expert guidance provide them stimuli to develop their potentialities into realities. Taking all aspects into consideration, we have architectured a solid platform from where one can start his journey to “IAS”. We have unparallelled high success rate. The high success rate is not a miracle but a science to us. Our program can produce & reproduce results.


Immediate objective:

Our immediate objective is to provide a reliable guidance to civil services aspirants so that they can reach their dream career—IAS.

Medium-term Objective:

To launch a super-30 type program in IAS exams.

Long-term objective:

Producing future leaders who can contribute to the betterment of the nation. A human-being can be compared with a computer— hardware + software. Here software refers to various human values which make one more efficient in work setting, more human in social setting & more effective in inter-personal setting. Our educational engineering is an effort towards qualitative improvement of countries human resources.



I am heartly thankful to whole
team of SANSWEE for incessant support provided by them at every corner of this preparation.Its not only the students but the

- Kanika Aggarwal Student