Sanswee early bird programme

Some candidates’ selection in IAS is doubly rejoicing—first they get selected for appointment in the most prestigious position & secondly they achieve this at an early stage of their life.

Therefore we have launched a week-end foundation programme for undergraduates so that they can qualify the exams at an early age.
It’s a three year programme. This programme identifies their potentials, strengths & weaknesses & reinforces the strengths, develops the potentials into new strengths, improves upon the weakness either to convert them into strengths or teaching them to manage the weaknesses.

We develop their writing skills, presentation & work upon their motivational other personality variables so that they can produce a wonderful result in the IAS Exams at an early age.


I am heartly thankful to whole
team of SANSWEE for incessant support provided by them at every corner of this preparation.Its not only the students but the

- Kanika Aggarwal Student