Ajit A.I.R 26 (IAS 2013)

“Thanks Sansweeias Team for continuous support Through preparation and strategy building. Interview preparation made a huge difference in my preparation”

Shama Parveen A.I.R 199 (IAS 2013)

“I want to thank dedicated team at Sansweeias for contributing so constructively towards my success.Isansweeias all the best and hope that it continues helping future generations of promising youngsters in realizing their dream of becoming honest civil servants “

Harsh A Poddar A.I.R 361 (IAS 2013)

“I want to thank you for the current moment of happiness that i am enjoying along with my family.I owe it all to you, for guiding, motivating me, and making me believe that it is possible! “

Xelene Anguir A.I.R 377 (IAS 2013)

“I would like to thank the Sansweeias institute for their valuable guidance and coaching especially in geography, General Studies and the Essay papers. Without their beneficial direction, I would have been lost at to how to approach this exam and for sure would not have been able to achieve this success.”

Navneet Singh Bans A.I.R 540 (IAS 2013)

“Interview guidance I got at Sansweeias made a difference in my preparation thanks”

Sandeep Chaudhary A.I.R 158 (SCE 2014)

“I sincerely extend my gratitude to ” Team SANSWEE ” especially Sanjeet Sir. I did a lot of hardwork or SANSWEE IAS made it more oriented & fruitful. I thank you Team SANSWEE & Sanjeet Sir.

Saurabh Sharma A.I.R 532(SCE 2014)